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        WHO WE ARE

        We’re California’s statewide arts advocacy organization


        Advancing arts and culture in California by building awareness of programs and services for artists

        We’re raising awareness on the true value of the arts, and helping Californians across the state become advocates for the arts and all they can do for government, business, and our communities.


        Our goal is to make California the most creative state

        We have a clear vision: for California to be the best place to be an artist or arts worker of any kind – from designers and teachers, to ballerinas and musicians.

        The future of California is creative


        We believe in advancing the careers of arts and culture workers

        Arts and culture workers are an integral part of California’s economy, society, and communities. We’re here to help them by making it easy for any Californian to become an advocate for the arts.

        Educating Californians on the value of the arts

        We’re circulating news, guides, and press on why the arts matter on a fundamental level.

        Engaging Californians to spread arts awareness

        We’re turning more Californians into advocates for the arts.

        Offering arts advocacy programs across the state

        We’re providing programs and resources for arts advocates.


        Creative careers

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        Donate to help us advocate for legislation and funding


        Become a CA For The Arts member and be directly involved