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        The arts are a tool for change. They can transform communities, increase property values, bolster bottom lines, and so much more. Here, you’ll find news, guides, and press on why the arts matter on a fundamental level.

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        Advocates, Lawmakers Rally to Restore Massive Cuts to State Arts Funding

        2024-25 Governor’s January Budget Proposal

        "Funding for arts and culture is critical for California to realize its goals for economic prosperity, equity and opportunity for all. While we understand lawmakers have tough decisions this year to balance a budget with estimated significant deficits, we hope that the arts will continue to be a priority investment and the state arts agencies budget will be brought to a level of at least $1 per person,” says CA Arts Advocates CEO Julie Baker.


        STOP CHANGES TO CALIFORNIA ARTS COUNCIL GRANT PROGRAMS In advance of their October 25th meeting, the Programs Policy Committee of the California Arts Council (CAC) made program change recommendations for next year’s grant programs. We believe we need to take collective action to stop several recommendations from being adopted by the Council.

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